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Say hello to endless choices and — yes, free coffee.


Collect Stars with every sip

Whether you visit once a month or every day, we’re always glad to see you. And we want you to enjoy rewards.
Just pay with a registered Starbucks Card or app, and you’ll collect 1 Star for every ₱25 spent.

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Get your favorite things for free

As a member you’ll collect Stars on almost everything you buy and those Stars add up to (some really delicious) rewards.
Get a free drink, pastry or slice of cake with every 100 Stars you collect.

Drink reward is applicable to any handcrafted drink of any size except Starbucks Reserve ice cream beverages.
Food reward excludes sandwiches, salads, pasta or bistro box.



Start earning Stars instantly
Collect twice the number of Stars on every purchase on your first week as a member.
Collect twice the number of Stars on the launch of new drinks.*
Collect twice the number of Stars on a random day every month.
Plus enjoy a free drink, pastry or slice of cake on your birthday.**
Applicable to members with eligible purchases.
*Applicable on the first day of launch of promotional drinks.
**Member must join at least 7 days before birthday and make at least 1 qualifying purchase within the last 30 days. One-time offer only.
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Download the app for the best experience

Load your account, pay with your phone, track your Stars and redeem Rewards.

The app might just be the best part of Starbucks® Rewards.
Frequenty Asked Questions
You must pay with your registered Starbucks card (or your registered Card in the mobile app) in order to earn Stars. You will earn 1 Star for every Php25 spent on beverage, food or merchandise purchased from our stores. Stars cannot be earned on purchases of gift certificate, Starbucks Cards or Starbucks Card reloads.

Purchases in the official Starbucks online store on Lazada:
Once your Starbucks Rewards account has been successfully linked to your Lazada account, you will earn Stars based on the value of your purchase in the official Starbucks online store on Lazada using any type of payment – cash, debit card, credit card, Lazada wallet at the rate of 1 Star for every ₱40 spent.
Every 100 Stars you collect converts to a Reward Voucher that can be used to redeem your choice of a handcrafted beverage of any size (excluding premium Starbucks Reserve coffee and ice cream beverages) or a food item from our bakery and cake menu. Add-ons in beverages will be paid for by the member. Only 1 reward can be redeemed per transaction.
Yes. All Stars earned are valid for redemption for one (1) year, starting on the date of your registration. Stars that are not converted to Reward Vouchers will expire on your Anniversary Date (date of registration) each year. For members previously registered to My Starbucks Rewards, Anniversary Date is defaulted to July 16.
Reward Vouchers are automatically and electronically loaded to the member’s Starbucks Rewards account and is valid for 90 days from the exact date and time of issuance.
If you're previously registered to My Starbucks Rewards, you are automatically transitioned to the new program. Members will be prompted to update their password in the website upon logging in. If you’re using the app to pay, you will also be prompted to download the latest app version and to update your password. Members should add a newly activated Starbucks Card to their account to start paying and earning Stars.
You won't lose your load. Your balance as of July 16, 2020 will remain intact even if the physical card itself can’t be used. Visit our stores to transfer your remaining balance of Php 100 and above to a new Starbucks Card from your account or unregistered card, while cash refund will be given if your remaining balance is Php 99 or less.
You can check the remaining balance of old registered and unregistered cards by bringing them to the store or by calling the Customer Care hotline at 02-84626262 (Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-4626262 (Provincial). You can also check the remaining balance of old registered cards by accessing your account through the latest version of the mobile app. Once logged in to the app, go to Profile then click Refund Unused Balance.
No. You should add the newly issued card to your account. To do this, login your account details on the website or mobile app and add a new card.
Go to the Starbucks Flagship store page, and click on MEMBER tab. Click on Link Existing Membership. Accept the T&C and sign-in using your Starbucks Rewards registered email and password. Wait for the linking to process. Successful linking will display the Member details page.

Once the Starbucks Rewards account is successfully linked to the Lazada account, you will now start earning 1 Star for every P40 spent on the Starbucks Flagship store on Lazada starting June 16, 2022.

Only purchases from the official Starbucks Flagship store will earn Stars. Orders made in Starbucks at Home store or other stores on Lazada are not eligible.
The Stars will be credited to your Starbucks Rewards account after 7 days upon successful delivery of your order. Any Stars earned from a cancelled or returned or refunded order will be adjusted (debited) from the Starbucks Rewards account.
Only orders from the Starbucks Flagship store on Lazada will earn Stars. Purchases from other merchants or “Starbucks at Home” store or “Starbucks Ready-to-Drink” store are not eligible.

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Terms of Use

For full details on Stars and Starbucks® Rewards program, read our terms of use here.

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