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Online Reloading

What is online reloading?

Online Reloading is a feature that allows you to reload your Starbucks Account through using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit Card, or a PayMaya account. It is only available for registered Starbucks Account. It is only available for registered Starbucks Accounts.

How will the amount be reloaded?

Amount will be reloaded to your registered Starbucks Account, regardless of the number of Starbucks Card registered in the said account. While the amount is not specifically loaded to a Starbucks Card, the amount loaded may be accessed using any of your active Starbucks Card under your registered Starbucks Account.

How soon will the amount be added to my Account?

The amount will be added instantly after your payment has been confirmed by your bank or PayMaya.

How will I know that the amount was successfully added to my Account?

You will receive two email confirmations for every approved transaction thru the email address provided upon registration of your Starbucks Account. Starbucks Philippines ( will confirm that your Account has been credited while our online payment gateway service provider ( will confirm that your your credit or debit card or PayMaya account was charged for the requested amount.

Is reloading a Starbucks Account online safe and secured?

Your personal data is transferred over the Internet with the highest level of encryption and security possible. We work in partnership with iPay88, a payment gateway provided, to endeavor a quick, safe, and secure online payment platform.

Where should I report any issues encountered with online reloading?

You may contact the Starbucks Card hotline at 462-6262 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-462-6262 (domestic toll-free via PLDT).

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