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Managing a Starbucks Account

How many Cards can I register under one account?

You can register up to 50 ACTIVE Starbucks Cards under one Starbucks Account.

Can I re-activate a deactivated Card?

No, you cannot re-activate a Card once you have deactivated it.

Why did you remove my deactived Cards from my account? I can no longer view them.

We apologize if we removed your deactivated Cards from your view. We will update our Starbucks Card website to exclude deactivated Cards from pooling. This is to allow you to maximize your 50 pooled Card limit by including only active Cards.

Will the new limit affect my account balance?

No, it will not. Your current balance remains intact. You may continue to use any ACTIVE card to pay at our stores.

Can I now register more than 50 cards to my account?

No, the maximum limit is still 50 cards per account. However, whereas the previous limit included deactivated cards, the new limit only countes active cards. This allows you to fully maximize the 50 pooled card limit to an account.

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